Sleaford Heritage Trail

Visit each site and find the Heritage Trail plaque and scan with either an NFC enabled phone (with NFC switched on) or a dedicated QR code reading app. You will then be taken to a unique video which will reveal some of the history of the building. The more places you visit, the more you will learn about Sleaford’s Heritage.

For more information, including the map which shows locations, use this link to access the Sleaford Heritage Trail website:

The Sleaford Castle site in Castle Causeway has recently been added to the Heritage Trail (July 2022) and a new video has just been created to be accessed from the QR code.

More detail available at this link:  The Sleaford Castle Project

Sleaford Mosaic Trail


Produced for the RiverLight Festival 2022, a new trail to view the stunning mosaics which are installed in positions around Sleaford; the leaflet above will guide you around the Mosaic Trail.

The newest mosaics are in the entrance to Gladstone's Yard (Money's Mill carpark) and the leaflet below gives information about them.